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Название кол-во товаров
Sinom Group Co., Ltd. 1
ALH Trading Co., Ltd. 2
Beijing North Xin Yuan Electrical Carbon Products Co., Ltd. 43
Beijing Reward Homecare Chemical Co., Ltd. 5
Brilliant Charter Limited 19
Caztex Insulation Company Limited 1
China Evergreen International Trade Limited. 3
Cixi Sealing Spacer Material Factory 2
Cixi Wellfund Sealing and Packing Co., Ltd. 2
Cixi Yonglida Sealing Factory(Cixi Huayi Machinery Co., Ltd. ) 1
Cixi Yulian Sealing&Packing Manufactory 4
Dalian Thrive Metallurgy Import & Export Co., Ltd 5
Dalian Thrive Mining Co., Ltd 1
Foshan Nanhai Xinyuan Graphite Plant 12
Fujian Sannong Calcium Carbonate Co., Ltd. 1
Graphite Concept Products Co., Ltd 3
Haicheng Minerials Enterprises Co., Ltd 1
Haimen Shuguang Carbon Industry Co., Ltd. 25
Handan yongsheng carbon co.,ltd 8
Hefei Carbon Co., Ltd. 5
Hefei Carbon Co., Ltd. 12
Hong Kong Song Yang Co., Limited 1
Hunan Mec. Corp. (Group) 1
Industrial Carbons 6
Inner Mongolia Xinghe County Hongyuan Electrical Carbon Factory 18
Jinhua Huayang Industrial Co., Ltd 1
Lianyungang Nantian International Economy & Trade Co., Ltd 3
Liaoyang Hongtu Carbide Co., Ltd. 4
Qingdao Leading Graphite Sealing Material Co., Ltd. 1
Qingdao Yijia Metals Minerals and Machinery Import and Export Co., Ltd. 5
Qingdao Yunpeng Carbon Trade Co., Ltd. 2
Shanghai GC Co., Ltd. 14
Shenzhen Kaite Industry Co., Ltd 1
Shreeji Exports 1
Sino Exploration And Mining Company 8
Sino Union Materials Co., Ltd. 20
Sinosteel Trading Company 1
Smmc Group 1
Sunlight Carbon Co., Ltd. 3
The Branch Of Hensen Graphite Co., Ltd 3
Tianjin YUNHAI Carbon Element Product CO.,Ltd 1
Tongzhou Xin'aote Carbon Co., Ltd. 2
Weifang Hualong Industry Co., Ltd. 25
Xiamen Industrial Trade Co., Ltd. 3
XRD Graphite Manufacturing Co., Ltd 6
Yangzhong Sanxin Sealing Products Co., Ltd. 1
Yantai Ishikawa Gasket Co., Ltd. 2
Zaozhaung Wealson Enterprises Co.,Ltd. 6
Zaozhuang Xinfangyuan Enterprise Co., Ltd. 16
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