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 Компании / Компания: Worldclean Industrial Co., Ltd.
 Компания:     Worldclean Industrial Co., Ltd.
 Адрес:     4F, No.1-21,Kuo-Jian Rd., Chien-Chen District , Taiwan
 Телефон:    +886-7-8152177
 Сертификаты:        CE certification On December 19, 2007, the Surface Treatment Turnkey Plant Equipment produced by Worldclean is successfully passed SGS CE certification. The products covered by the CE Mark compliance with the relevant European directive meet the main provisions of essential requirements. CE certification is compulsory certification to enter the European Union. The products passing through CE certification have been adopted corresponding conformity assessment procedures and/or the manufacturer`s compliance statement. In other words, Worldclean`s surface treatment equipment is approval by the international market especially by European. ---------------------------- ISO 9001:2000 certificate To increase customer satisfaction through continual improvement of products, services, and quality management system, Worldclean received ISO 9001:2000 certification from SGS International on March 29, 2004. Therefore, Worldclean understands the quality concerns of anodizing turnkey plants and gives customers world-class caliber in operation, service and support.
 Web-адрес:     http://www.worldclean.com.tw
 Категории компании: Worldclean Industrial Co., Ltd.
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