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Société :
Hubei Yuancheng Saichuang Technology Co., Ltd.
Adresse :
NO.496.ZhongShan Road.Wuhan.Hubei.China
Téléphone :


Maca extractAppearance: Red brown powderFunction and usage:For male: The Maca extract can anti-fatigue, increase energy, physical strength; improve sexual function, increase sperm count, increase sperm motility; regulation of the endocrine system, balancehormones; kidney, impotence, impotence, premature ejaculation, sexual dysfunction and other symptoms.For female: The Maca extract can Endocrine regulation against menopausal symptoms. Maca extract have a variety of alkaloids can regulate adrenal gland, pancreas, ovary and other functions, balance the body's hormone levels, rich in taurine, conditioning and rehabilitation of protein and other physiological functions can improve the blood andrelieve menopausal symptoms, and has Anti-anemia, enhanced immune function.e-mail:candy@yuanchengtech.comskype:Tao sylvia
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