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Société :
Hubei Yuancheng Saichuang Technology Co., Ltd.
Adresse :
NO.496.ZhongShan Road.Wuhan.Hubei.China
Téléphone :


Norethisterone (Acetate)Synonyms: 19-NOR-4-ANDROSTEN-17-ALPHA-ETHYNYL-17-BETA-OL-3-ONECAS: 68-22-4MF: C20H26O2MW: 298.42Description: White to creamy white crystals or crystalline powderAssay: 99.1%min,USP gradeNorethisterone (Acetate)Usage: Pregnancy hormone, for irregular menstruation, functional uterine bleeding, endometriosis psychosise-mail:candy@yuanchengtech.comskype:Tao sylvia
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