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 Sociétés/ Société : Sing Lin Technology Co., Ltd.
 Détails sur la société   
 Société :     Sing Lin Technology Co., Ltd.
 Adresse :     No. 202-1, Sz Ping Road, Bei Tun District, Taichung, Taiwan, R.O.C. , Taiwan
 Téléphone :    +886-4-22920921
 Certificats :        
 Web-adresse :     http://www.singlin.com
 A propos de la société :
We are a company specializing in the field of patents applying and the global marketing, especially in innovative products researching and developing in health care and energy technology. We have many years of experience involving in the research and development and their application in automatic, mechanical and electrical techniques. After the company was established in 2002, we have devoted our efforts to the research and development of applicable servo motor and driving control techniques in the field of sporting and health care equipment and innovative high efficient and long distance and endurable brushless motors for motor-driven, wherein those inventions have gained many patents in Taiwan, Japan and USA.
 Catégories de la société : Sing Lin Technology Co., Ltd.
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