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 Sociétés/ Société : KayVee Products
 Détails sur la société   
 Société :     KayVee Products
 Adresse :     Bahnstrasse 38 , L`Allemagne (RFA)
 Téléphone :    +0049-208-448234
 Certificats :        
 Web-adresse :     http://www.kayvee-products.de
 A propos de la société :

We live in a fast and ever-changing world, in which the majority of it's constantly growing population have just about everything they need. Manufacturers have to become more and more ingenious to create products that are needed and sell.

At KayVee Products we also play a part in what appears to be a confusing jungle of products; we however see clearly focusing on products that people need day in day out. Our main focus lies on two specific criterion:

1.the product must be innovative
2.the product must NOT harm the environment.

Coupled with dozens of years of experience and the thus resulting connections in international markets, be it manufacturing or logistical partners, we are always able to make tailored and extremely competitive offers and ensure smooth execution of orders.

Our strong relationships, and loyalty to our manufacturing partners allow us to make a direct impact on manufacturing process in many aspects. We are able to influence the quality of both the product and the environment the employees are subjected to, in order to ensure that human rights are protected and obeyed.

As a result, KayVee Products is now one of the leading suppliers for big discount- chain stores, worldwide TV/home shopping networks as well as mail order companies etc.
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