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 Adresse :     NO.36-66-1,TIANJHONGYANG LANE,YUANLIN , Taiwan
 Téléphone :    +886-4-8395830
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 Web-adresse :     http://www.ammax.com.tw
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We AMMAX MOTOR CORPORATION, a branch company of a famous leading designer and manufacturer of gravity component especially for automotive and motorcycle industry in Taiwan.


The company name AMMAX MOTOR CORPORATION and the logo AMX, shows the confidence and self-expectation of ourselves, under the guidance of president Chiang, this new company, gathered a lot of members who are most experienced in SCOOTER and ATV industry-specialists from research and development, quality management production control.


The core of AMMAX MOTOR CORPORATION makes a long term program to develop the fashion style models and outstanding performance from customer’s requisition.


After these attractive products, the magnificent bigger engines will follow to satisfy the most critical customers.


We are very glad to receive any message or information from you. Thank you!

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