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 Sociétés/ Société : Anhui Medipharm Co., Ltd.
 Détails sur la société   
 Société :     Anhui Medipharm Co., Ltd.
 Adresse :     E903, Anhui Land Square, No.288, Huaining Road, Hefei, Anhui, China , Chine
 Téléphone :    +86-551-63840330
 Certificats :        GMP, ISO
 Web-adresse :     http://www.ahmedipharm.com
 A propos de la société :

Anhui Medipharm Co., Ltd. is a professional supplier for medicine and pharmaceutical products in China. We have focused on manufacturing and distributing western finished medicines, medical consumables, diagnosis equipments, surgical dressing products over 10 years, accumulated a wealth of experience. Our products have been exported to more than 60 countries, mainly in Asia, Africa, Middle East, South America and Europe, just like Cambodia, Philippines, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Turkey, Nigeria, Liberia, Congo, Somali, Guinea, Chile, Gambia, France and so on.

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