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Producer information
Smartlink Commodities Supply Co. Limited
12 Alhaji Alaka Street, Ilasamaja, Mushin, Lagos State, Nigeria

D2 And LPFO (Nigerian Origin) Nnpc Specification

We have readily available for urgent sale to credible buyers the following:120, 000 MT of ago of nnpc specs and 150, 000 MT. Of LPFO (low pour fuel oil) shipment by t-t-t to 40 / 60nautical miles OR lome triangle.Only credible buyers should contact the under listed company with their LOI / icpo

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Other goods of this manufacturer :
D2, Hsdo
We are seller`s mandate and we have readily available for urgent sale to only credible buyers the following petroleum products on bulk supply per month with rolls and extensions: :SLCO----from 10 mill
Libyan Crude Oil
The procedere for purchasing libyan crude oil is as follows:1. The buyer must sign the commission contract that they are willing to pay the 3% commission.2. As soon as contract is signed, they get fro
Low Pour Fuel Oil (LPFO)
Large quantity of LPFO (nigerian OR foreign low pour fuel oil is regularly for sale AT local and foreign competitive prices from 50, 000mt-400, 000mt.Procedure of purchase:1. Buyer issues an icpo bank
We have a two million barrels of already loaded NBLCO cargo for immediate sale on T-T-T basis per month for 6 monthsBuyer must be able to show evidence of availability of vessel and POF to take quick
Nblco, D2, LPFO, SLCO, REBCO, Jet Fuel Oil
We can supply any blend of oil only if there is a willing buyer / mandate.M100 / 75 CIF usd285 / usd275 for 500, 000mt*12 and upwardsUsd10 per MT, split 50 / 50 to seller`s side and buyer`s side.Payme
Nblco, SLCO, D2, Mazut100, REBCO
T-T-T procedures for nblco1. Seller and buyer sign spa. With full banking co-ordinates and price is $7. 00Below brent. $5 to the buyer & 50 / 50 to both sides.2. Seller places a performance bond guara
Nigerian Bonny Light Crude Oil
Bonny light crude oil: gross $8usd, net $5usd to buyer.$ 3usd / bbls commission1) buyer and seller sign contract.2) seller issues proof of product to end buyer.3) buyer issues bcl from foreign bank up
Nigerian LPFO
Nigerian LPFO for sale by T-T-T.Minimum loading per shipment is 50, 000mtOnly interested buyers should contact us.There are 1% pbg and suttle vessels particulars in exchange for buyer`s CPA.Quantity a
Petroleum Condensate
We have a large quantity of petroleum condensate for salePlease send your icpo for action

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