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Baoyan Sewing Machine Co., Ltd.
No. 383 Long Hua Dong Road, Shanghai, Shanghai, China (Mainland)

Thick Material Sewing Machine

GA5-1 industrial sewing machine is a thick material sewing machine, specially for the purpose of sewing thick canvas, leather goods, etc. Such as the tents for the trucks. Heavy load bags, saddle, leather case, etc. In the large scale thick material sewing factory.Model GA5-1 thick material sewing machine adopts single needle. Cam thread taking up, shuttle thread picking up, and double thread lockstitch seam. It is equipped with a cylinder bed for operation. The machine can sew items that can not be sewn or is inoonvenient to be sewn by all flat bed sewing machines. It is especially convenient to sew arc shaped seams for the thick canvas. Leather. Etc.The main technical specification------------------------------------------------The max speed of sewing:800/RPMThe max. Length of stitch:7mm/stitchThe hight of foot lifting:12mmThickness of sewing:10mmNet weight of the head:35 KGThe working space to the right of needle:268 x 166mm

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