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Antalya Organize Sanayi Bolgesi 2. Etap 26. Cadde, Antalya, Turkey

T-Shirt (Vest) Bags With Print

HDPE&LDPE T-shirt bags.Up to 6 colours printing possible(3+3,6+0)Custom sizes possible

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Other goods of this manufacturer :
T-Shirt Bag
 T-Shirt Bag ( T-Shirt Bag)
HDPE Shopping T-shirt BagsCustom colour and custom size possibleTransparent,Black,Orange,White etc.
Bags On Roll
 Bags On Roll ( Bags On Roll)
HDPE & LDPECustom colour and sizes possibleC folded
Drip Irrigation Pipe
 Drip Irrigation Pipe ( Drip Irrigation Pipe)
LDPE 16 mm diameter20-25-33-40-50-75-100 mm dripper spacing0. 9mm-1. 2mm wall thickness400 m / coil
Garbage (Trash) Bags On Roll
 Garbage (Trash) Bags On Roll ( Garbage (Trash) Bags On Roll)
HDPE recycled material star sealed garbage (trash) bags on roll.6 different sizes1-55x60cm 20pcs / roll 50 rolls / box 30 liters2-65x80cm 10pcs / roll 50 rolls / box 50 liters3-75x90cm 10pcs / roll 25
Handle Bags
 Handle Bags ( Handle Bags)
HDPE & LDPEUp to 6 colours printing possibleCustom sizes possible
Patch Handle Bags
 Patch Handle Bags ( Patch Handle Bags)
HDPE & LDPEPrint up to 6 coloursCustom sizes possible
Soft Loop Handle Bags
 Soft Loop Handle Bags ( Soft Loop Handle Bags)
HDPE&LDPEUp to 6 colors printing possibleCustom sizes possible
Substrate Bags
 Substrate Bags ( Substrate Bags)
LDPE Co-extruded(White-Black) bagUp to 6 Colours printing possiblePrint on side gussets possibleCustom Sizes possible

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