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12Fl.V2, NO. 1, Guangfu S. Rd., Sungshan Chiu, Taipei, Taiwan 105, R.O.C.

Atenolol F.C.TAB.(Tenolol)

INDICATION: Hypertension, Angina Pectoris

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B-fine (Terbinafine hci 10mg)
B-fine (Terbinafine hci 10mg) (B-fine (Terbinafine hci 10mg))
Calcitonin Salmon 50 IU(Calcinin)
Calcitonin Salmon 50 IU(Calcinin) (Calcitonin Salmon 50 IU(Calcinin))
CALCININ is manufactured by PURZER using advanced technology of biochemical trace peptide preparation. INDICATION: Osteoporosis, Paget`s disease, Hypercalcaemic crisis.
Camine (Crystalline glucosamine silfate Cap 250 mg)
Camine (Crystalline glucosamine silfate Cap 250 mg) (Camine (Crystalline glucosamine silfate Cap 250 mg))
INDICATION: Supplements for arthritis, osteoarthritis and joint pain relief.
Captopril 12.5&25MG TAB.(Captrol)
Captopril 12.5&25MG TAB.(Captrol) (Captopril 12.5&25MG TAB.(Captrol))
INDICATION: Hypertension and congestive heart failure.
Ceftriaxone 1g, 0.5g Inj.(Chef)
Ceftriaxone 1g, 0.5g Inj.(Chef) (Ceftriaxone 1g, 0.5g Inj.(Chef))
INDICATION: (Cephalosporins) Systemic or local infections caused by Gram (+) & Gram (-) bacteria
Clindamycin 150mg Cap.(Vicin)
Clindamycin 150mg Cap.(Vicin) (Clindamycin 150mg Cap.(Vicin))
INDICATION: Infections caused by most G(+) and most anaerobes including B. Fragilis.
Cortema Enema (Hydrocortisone Enema Solution 1.67 mg/ml)
Cortema Enema (Hydrocortisone Enema Solution 1.67 mg/ml) (Cortema Enema (Hydrocortisone Enema Solution 1.67 mg/ml))
INDICATION: This medication is used to treat diseases caused by inflammation of the colon and rectum.
Dobutamine Inj. 250mg/20ml/vial (Butamine)
Dobutamine Inj. 250mg/20ml/vial (Butamine) (Dobutamine Inj. 250mg/20ml/vial (Butamine))
INDICATION : Inotropic support in patients with shock and hypotension
Domperidone Tab.10.00mg(Emetrol)
Domperidone Tab.10.00mg(Emetrol) (Domperidone Tab.10.00mg(Emetrol))
INDICATION : Gastroparesis relief, stimulate antroduodenal coordination, antiemetics

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