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 Company(s): Accrotex India
 Company details  
 Company:     Accrotex India
 Address:     25, Subhash Nagar, Tehsil Town, G. T. Road , India
 Phone:    +0091-180-2640001 +mob:0091 +9466300018
 Web-address:     http://www.alibaba.com/company/10505781.html
The company accrotex India is acting as an agent for import of high-tech second hand machinery from Europe and other countries. We are engaged in this business since 2003 and dealing in weaving machines, spare parts and accessories. We can offer complete second hand manufacturing plants from Europe for the client who intends to set up complete project with latest technology but at very low price as compared to the similar new plants. We also deal in multihead and schiffli embroidery machines as per customer requirements. Total Annual Sales Volume: US$2.5 Million - US$5 Million.
 Company's categories: Accrotex India
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