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 Company(s): A & M Trading
 Company details  
 Company:     A & M Trading
 Address:     5916 Carmelita Ave. , USA
 Phone:    +1-818-402-5437 +mob:818-402-5437
 Web-address:     http://www.alibaba.com/company/10218072.html
Our company has been in operation for one year, but we have over five years experience in the trading field. All our items are made in china and all have UPC codes. We sell a variety of different items. We have oil burners, flower pots, animal candle figurines, polresign figurines, and the color flame candles. The color flame candles come in two different styles. Item # 01 has 280 pieces per case with two display boards of 140 pieces on each. Item # 02 has 168 pieces per case with two display board of 84 pieces on each. We offer great quality at very competitive prices, and our items are pattented. And meet with all standards requiments. Total Annual Sales Volume: Below US$1 Million.
 Company's categories: A & M Trading
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