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 Adresse:     No. 377, Sec. 3, Chang Tsao Road, Ho Mei Hsieh , Taiwan
 Telefon:    +886-04-7525136
 Web-Adresse:     http://www.hcbath.com
 Händler: .
 Über die Firma: HC Sanitary is a professional bathroom integrator specializing in Faucets, Showerheads, Bath Furniture, Shower Panels, Sauna & Spa and modern designs and the products to develop and implement the ultimate enjoyment and luxury for our customers. We have been delivering new trend and functional products since 1978.

Philosophy- what we deliver
HC SANITARY delivering a tested and guaranteed products are key to create clients` profits.

Products-what we offer
HC SANITARY implements QA that makes complete, comparison and solution for your best in bath products. CSA, UPC, NSF approval products allow us to say we are reliable and stable to supply the needs and demands for the bath products.

Product Ranges-What we supply
HC SANITARY offers variety ranges of kitchen & both items; included: Sink, Faucets. Bath Furniture, Showerhead, Systematic Shower Units, All-in-One Shower, Bathroom Accessories, Plumbing fittings etc.

R&D Works-What we can do
HC SANITARY offers OEM&ODM to specific requirement for customers who is desired to their original designs and specifications, our jobs are to keep all specifications and requirements to satisfy with original creators.

Service-What we believe
The core concept of HC SANITARY business ism guaranteeing reliable delivery and quality assurance. Always answer the need and requirement without delay. to implement to totally 100% satisfactory desire from all customers.

Future Development- what we desire
HC SANITARY always considers as a market engine to drive our passion in developing best for life and value for comfort and luxury. For all customers to consider HC SANITARY as a ONE-STEP supplier to serve all you need.

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