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 Firmen / Firma: Hsuan Mao Technology Co., Ltd.
 Ausfúhrlicher Úber die Firma   
 Firma:     Hsuan Mao Technology Co., Ltd.
 Adresse:     8F, No: 111, Hsing De Road, San Chung City, , Taiwan
 Telefon:    +886-2-85122277
 Web-Adresse:     http://www.hsm.net.tw
 Über die Firma: Founded in 1989 and headquartered in Taiwan, Hsuan Mao technology co. is a worldwide professional electronic peripheral and component maker, our products including PC camera, USB Phone, Connectors, Cable Assemblies, Wire Harnesses and so on. We are leading the way toward superior performance multimedia and 3C production relative filed.The operating philosophy of Hsuan Mao is putting integration of a top-down component to develop no-fault outputs to our customers. With insisting superior quality output, Hsuan Mao has become the fastest-growing connector and PC camera manufactory in the industry in recent years. The results of our achievement have been sharing with our customers, vendors, employees,entire shareholders as well as those who have contributed to becoming who we are in this day and age.
 Firmenkategorien: Hsuan Mao Technology Co., Ltd.
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