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 Firmen / Firma: aquatmos international limited
 Ausfúhrlicher Úber die Firma   
 Firma:     aquatmos international limited
 Adresse:     #2 Wenkeng Road, Nancun Town, Panyu District, Guangzhou, China , China
 Telefon:    +0086-20-31147583
 Web-Adresse:     http://www.aquatmos.com
 Händler: .
 Über die Firma:

Aquatmos International Limited is one of the pioneer companies in China to produce the RAS and aquarium related equipment, we have more than 20 technicians with different backgrounds, such as mechanical design and automation, HVAC engineering, aquaculture, water environment engineering, environmental microbiology. We can provide the following products and services:
• Aquaculture equipment manufacturing: Drum filter, protein skimmer, bio filter, ozone production equipment, UV sterilizer, auto fish feeder, oxygen generator, aerator, air blower, heat pump, etc.
• Project sizing, design, and engineering, including RAS system, aquarium, ornamental fish culture system, microalgae bait culture system, aquaponics, and live fish holding transport system.
• Monitoring and controlling of the parameters of the aquaculture water, and design and building of fish farm auto control system.

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