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 Firmen / Firma: HGiga Inc
 Ausfúhrlicher Úber die Firma   
 Firma:     HGiga Inc
 Adresse:     No.69, Shuiyuan St., East District, Hsinchu City 300, Taiwan (R.O.C.) , Taiwan
 Telefon:    +886-3-5165565
 Zertifikate:        CMMI 3
 Web-Adresse:     http://www.hgiga.com
 Zertifikate:  CMMI 3
 Händler: .
 Über die Firma:

1. Company Profile Introduction

HGiga is a well know Linux Solution Provider (LSP) and "System Integration Service company".
The company was founded in July 1993. Due to the increase in business, the company went through several phases of expansions with the most recent restructuring in December 1999 to form the new
"HGiga Inc.". Since founding, HGiga received the Golden VAR award from HP in consecutive years. Except for the sales of server of branded products and related software and hardware, HGiga also has solid experience in software development and technical service team that could provide customers with one-stop-shopping in system projects and integration services.

2. Background

Internet Business Group mainly focuses on the R&D of enterprise network related systems. Major products are various application solutions built upon Linux, Free BSD, Solaris, and Palm platform and provides system integration plan and series of product and services in response to automation needs of enterprises.
self-research product

3.Main client group

System integration business group mainly focuses on full series of servers, work stations, personal computer, and various peripheral equipments of branded products including HP, IBM, and Compaq, etc. The group has received the special honor of Golden VAR award from HP in consecutive years. The group provides customers with professional total information system solutions and highly efficient after sales services.
Agent product series
Network Device: CISCO, 3COM, Accton, Dlink, etc.
NetServer: HP, IBM, Compaq high level server
Personal Computer, Notebook: HP, IBM, and Compaq office computers.
Printer: HP full series output equipment.

4. Long-term Prospect

Provides design, R&D, and integration sales of commercial software to support various types of enterprises with necessary information software.
Business product series
Financial Management System
Inventory Management System
Order Fulfillment System
Manufacturing MRP System
Import/Export Trading System
ERP Software

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