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 Firmen / Firma: MES Communication Co.,Ltd.
 Ausfúhrlicher Úber die Firma   
 Firma:     MES Communication Co.,Ltd.
 Adresse:     3FL,N0.6 , Szu Wei Lane, Chung Cheng Road, Hsin-Tien City, Taipei, Taiwan, R.O,C , Taiwan
 Telefon:    +886-2-22182940
 Web-Adresse:     http://www.mes-group.com.tw
 Über die Firma:

Mes Communication Co., is a leading manufacturer in the field of CATV/ SMATV Systems in Taiwan, especially in CATV / CCTV systems integration. Our product including Modulator, Demodulator, Channel Amplifier, Up Converter, Down Converter, Active Combiner ,Outdoor Amplifier, Indoor Amplifier, Multi Switch, LNB, Antenna Dish, Satellite receiver, Splitter, Directional Coupler, Tap off, and Coaxial Cable.

We have a well organized R & D team to support any technical assistance so we have ability to work with our customer under OEM / ODM project with competitive price and assured quality.

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