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 Adresse:     No. 28, Industrial 14th Rd., Dali City,Taiwan , Taiwan
 Telefon:    +886-4-22716368
 Zertifikate:        TS-16949 / ISO-9000
 Web-Adresse:     http://www.2bmode.com
 Zertifikate:  TS-16949 / ISO-9000
 Händler: .
 Über die Firma:

MODETECH CORPORATION, with its base in Taiwan, is the premier fully integrated solution provider of specialized metal components. MODETECH was founded by a group of experts with fully-fledged precision machining techniques, complete measuring equipment, and integrated Asian manufacturing resources. MODETECH specializes in providing customers with one-stop metal product solutions in diverse fields, such as transportation, communications, or medical equipment. Through direct contact or trading company, MODETECH has successfully become the supplier for many international businesses, such HITACHI, MAGURA, and CHRYSLER.

MODETECH, rapidly rising in the market, grows fast not because of its luck but because of its core values of professionalism, having the resources and expertise to direct every aspect of a project, benefiting the client by providing a clear source of accountability.

Therefore, MODETECH insists on its Business Philosophy, Professionalism and Customer orientation

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